MD Vaccine Updates

As many of you know, I am a college student and doing this project for free. However, I've received many requests from people to donate to me, and instead of just accepting money, I'd rather list some charities that I support. If you insist in supporting me directly, there's a personal donation campaign at the bottom of the page.

If I helped you in any way, please feel free to make a donation and give that kindness forward. If you choose to donate to a charity here, please let me know so I can track all the goodness we are spreading: Twitter DM or

Here are just a few charities I support:

umttr - Suicide prevention, especially during this time, is a growing concern, and they are a great organization that promote mental well-being in young people. Founded in honor of someone from our community that lost their life to suicide, umttr is an excellent resource for empowering young people.

The Judy Fund - A national organization that raises money for Alzheimer's research. They are the philanthropy of choice for my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu.

Geeks Rule - Promoting STEM education, especially in underserved communities, is something I am passionate about. They promote and create access to STEM education for underserved youth.

Donation to Me - If you'd like to cover some of the server fees or just really want to support me directly, you can do so here. I really appreciate any and all support from the community.